The Zala Dance Ensemble was formad in 1957 and since then it has become one of the most successful amateur ensembles in Hungary.

The average age of the members of the ensemble is 20 years; the number of active dancers is 40. The artistic director and choreographer of ensemble is János Varga.

The ensemble and its management are engaged in getting acquainted with and searching of the archaic Gentral European peasant folklore.

The ensemble reproduces the peasant folklore which was still living in the Garpathian Basin and Transylvania in the 1950s. The ensemble considers its important task to introduce and popularize the Hungarian dance culture to people within as wide areas as possible.

The basis of the new generation of the ensemble is represented by the pupils who are involved in the folk dance education of school system. The number of pupils learning of folk dance exceeds 600.

The ensemble works in Zalaegerszeg. Zalaegerszeg is situated in the western part in Hungary, near the Austrian and Slovenian borders. This town has a  population of 64.000. The most significant supporter of the ensemble is the Municipality of Zalaegerszeg.

The company is a regular and successful participant of premiere festivals and shows. The group has been awarded for its high-quality performances for several times. The company has received prizes like „Pro Urbe Zalaegerszeg”., „For Our Town Plaquette,” „Cultural Level Prize”,”Zalaegerszeg Award” and „General Cultural Level Prize” of the Municipality of Zalaegerszeg.

The performance of the ensemble was ranked among th ebest-quality performances at the National Folk Dance Competition in 2004.

Due to its reputation and success the ensemble has accepted numerous invitations abroad and it had a lot of guest performances almost in every country of Europe int he past 48 years.